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Sims post #4

More sims. I did a bit of switching around between both households this time.

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Sims post number 3

Okay more sims.

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More RP sims

More RP sims! This one has more Oskar and Luke, who both barely featured in the previous one.

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RP sims

Okay, Sine Wave RP sims post. If you don't know what I'm talking about, this post probably won't interest you so just ignore it.

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I'm using my gmail account for msn now, so anyone who wants to talk to me on msn should add potatoe1988@gmail.com


Recently, I acquired a puppy. This is him:

We got him from the RSPCA, so he came with a name. Banjo. We haven't decided whether we're keeping that name or calling him something else yet. Usually I name my pets after characters I like, but there's nothing I'm into enough right now to name a dog that will hopefully live for over ten years after.

He, his sisters and his mother were taken from their original owner because the kids were seen throwing the puppies down a hill. The lady fostering them said he was a cuddle because he kinda pushes himself against your body and stays still when you pick him up, but since he often avoids getting picked up we think this is probably more of a learnt behaviour to avoid being tossed down hills and shit :/

We don't know exactly what breed he is. We were told Shih Tzu cross, but he kind of looks nothing at all like a Shih Tzu, nor did his mother or sisters. What he does look a great deal like is a Norfolk Terrier. The only real difference is that they don't have white on them like he does.

  • Any guesses as to what breeds he might have in him? Does he look like a Norfolk Terrier to you?
  • Is Banjo a good name? Any suggestions for better names?

Still alive!

Okay, so my wireless internet device didn't work, so I've been stranded without internet. It was frightening. My mum is going away for a couple of days so she bought me a new wireless internet device that does work. Emergency internet supplies. My computer got broken somehow in the move and will now only boot in safe mode. Boo.

But anyway, those things are temporary really. There's lots of awesome. Like the beach. The beach is awesome. This is the beach just across from our house:

Also frogs are awesome:

Also happy birthday, Cat!


I figured I should probably actually make an LJ entry about all this.

The Friday after next I'll be moving up north to Emu Park, which is a suburb up near Rockhampton. The house we're renting is right next to the beach. There isn't even a road in between. I expect everyone to be very jealous of me. So anyway, I'm pretty excited about that.

Not so excited about the 8 hour car ride. My mum's going to download me some TV shows to watch on her ipad (I may have to just listen since I get travel sick) and I'm trying to get hold of some podfics to listen to, though I've never been able to enjoy them in the past. Worth a try, right? I may have internet access if my sister gives me this thingo she said she would, so I may be able to chat with people. The charge on my laptop lasts less than 4 hours, though, so unless I can find some way to charge it in the car that won't last the whole trip. I suppose I have other things to do, though, so it won't matter that much. Maybe. Depends. Wonder if I can even chat without getting crazy travel sick? We won't even be able to stop for long because we'll have various pets in the car with us.

Packing won't take long, but we have to get the whole house clean which is a lot of work. My mum injured her ankle, so I had to do a lot of the carrying of stuff out to the skip to throw away when that was here. I'm probably super strong now. I also bruise super easily, so I end up covered in bruises.

I feel kinda sick... hopefully this doesn't last, because it's not terribly conductive to getting shit done.

It's also been raining forever, making it really difficult to dry any clothes or anything we need washed. I hope it stops for at least a day or two before we move.

If you want to see some pictures of the house, ask me on chat and I'll link you to the ad for it. Don't want to link here because it has the address...

More website stuff

Our coders have been busy working on the website! They have created a form for submitted recommendations that I thought I'd share with you to see what people think should be changed or added. Link: http://the-slash-pile.zxq.net/mnp/fic_req.php

I think we should add a list of genres. Anyone have any opinions on that? I'd like to talk to the community about what genres you'd like and how you'd like it set out. Should we allow multiple genre selection? If so, should there be a maximum number you can select?

The feature submit page is here: http://the-slash-pile.zxq.net/
The password for it is: 3982734AH

If you can offer any help with the technical aspects of the website, let me know and we'll see how we can get your involved.

The Slash Pile forum!

Pretty sure most of you are from TSP and so are already in the know, but for those of you who aren't please note that we now have a forum. For slashiness. And other stuff. It is a forum in which you can talk to slashers about slash or about things that are not slash. Yes.

Also, manicdak  made this awesome banner: