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Ah, damn

Seems we don't have lectures this week for one of my classes. Usually I have a two hour break between my lecture and my tute. I'm at uni, it's just past 10 and my tute's not until 2. So I have a few options.
1. Stay here, wait four hours.
2. Go home, come back later (but I'll have to pay more because of public transport, and a lot of that time would be taken up traveling)
3. Tute? Fuck that shit.

EDIT: The best option is always the laziest one with the most swear words.

Kass keeps moving her babies

 Tonight Kass has been moving her babies around, which is odd, since they're quite capable of moving themselves. First time I noticed it was her moving a baby from on top of the fish tank into an empty cage on the desk. She did that a couple times, then moved a couple from the desk into her cage. Just now she's been bringing them off the desk and putting them in their bed. Of course, these are four week old babies so they just promptly leave, and she does it all over again. She has not moved these babies since their eyes opened. I have no idea why she's suddenly doing it now. Someone should tell her it isn't working.


The only baby that hasn't crammed itself between the cage and the wall is Keyd. The rest are all just shoved in there, sleeping. It's very difficult to get them out from there. Even if I can move the cage far enough out to be able to reach them, if they fall down they'll fall behind the desk. I bet this is revenge for my bathing them earlier. But they are so soft and nice smelling now! Aren't you guys glad you no longer smell of pee!?


Okay, new email address!

Because getting my old one back was too much fucking trouble. If I had you on msn with my old email, you should add me again with my new one. Or if you didn't, but do have msn, you should add me anyway so we can talk and be super friends and stuff. Anyway, new email: overlordpotatoe@hotmail.com

Pictures and names: updated

The baby rats are now at optimal cuteness, so I decided to take some more pictures. I'll label their names and put them in the same order as they were in the first post with their names. First name post: http://potatoe1988.livejournal.com/36345.html#cutid1

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What's Petra's email address?

Anyone know Petra's contact and/or msn email? My hotmail account is fucked and I don't actually have all the contact's on it stored anywhere else. If I can't get it fixed I'll get everyone's contact details for msn again, but right now I'm only bothering trying to get Petra because she does shit for me.

New bed!

The babies have been moved into the bigger cage as they're now running around all over the place. They have also decided that the food bowl is their new bed.

There are nine baby rats in there somewhere.


Eyes are opening!

Today the baby rats' eyes are starting to open. Some of them still have their eyes completely fused shut. Keyd and Tsuna have been the fastest developers, with their eyes completely open. So I took some pictures.

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Anders is a wuss

My poorly chosen Dragon Age romantic partner of Anders is lame. I swear I started flirting with him one day and the next he wants to get gay married and adopt a gazillion orphaned wizard children and be together forever and always. He also told me he'd been lying awake at night pining for me for three years. I like what that implies. Even if you're a homophobic bastard who's playing a completely straight male Hawke, Anders may well still be lusting after you. And picking out paint swatches just in case one day you decide to love him back.

The worst part is, I'd feel too bad breaking up with him now. Do you think he'd mind if I just fucked a few other people on the side? Supplemented our relationship with someone less lame? Varris is looking pretty good right about now, and I don't even know if he's an option.

Hey... wait a minute. If the game play is supposed to be Varris telling my story, does that mean he knows I fucked Anders? And just how embarrassing our entire relationship is? Aw, man...


Baby rats have names now!

Okay, I finally got around to naming the baby rats. I let Petra name one because she's my bitch, and I let naatz name one because, well, she was rather insistent. The rest are named after characters from fiction/webcomics that I like.

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